April 18-24, 2010

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003 – “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ~John Muir, 1913


With the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day being celebrated this week, I lucked upon this great post showcasing a handful of the EARTH DAY POSTERS: 40 YEARS OF ART INSPIRING CHANGE.

My personal favorite was created in 2009 by TRAVIS MORGAN which lead me to Morgan’s online portfolio also showcasing some other amazing Earth Day designs that he designed in 2009. Each highlight a powerful message with strong, willful colors and textures. (via @MORGANTJ)

And, then I came across the perfect message at an elementary school that made me literally stop in my tracks. The creativity lies in the innocent, accurate and inspirational words.

“This is my dream. My dream is to clean the world. Because it will get sticky. We will have to go to a different planet. My friend will help me because I’ll help him.”

Clifford just might change the world.

out of the mouth's of babes


I stumbled across this sweet little slideshow showcasing THE 20 BEST GRAPHIC ARTISTS UNDER 30, SELECTED BY PRINT MAGAZINE. But, to be honest though, the overall post generally confuses me since I only see the top ten listed. But, maybe that’s just me being finicky… all ten of them are outstanding!

My fav’s leaning towards Italian artist JONATHAN CALUGI. Being a Web Designer, I instantly think of a flow-chart with his featured design here – wanting to find the end and/or the source. Instinct tells me it’s the man in the middle wearing specks. On his way to the factory, he walks past the ocean, stops at his girlfriend’s apartment and gets caught in the rain. People were gossiping about paperclips so he decides to hitch a ride out of town in a hot air balloon. Which road did you take?

Calugi’s art is filled with geometric and brilliant abstracts. The only difference is that his abstracts tell an understandable story. There is so much going on in each design but because of the clean and simplistic lines, each stroke is one that is not only needed but one of genius.

To see all of Calugi’s art, just pack up your bags and go to HAPPY LOVERS TOWN.

On a side note: I did post the Top 20 vs Top 10 question on Twitter with attention to @FASTCOMPANY but didn’t get a response. So, I can offer no insight for you on that one… so sad.

Apple iPhone

There’s a poor bloke out there that has gotten so much attention for being forgetful. And, oh yeah, drunk. Drunk and forgetful.

Apple Software Engineer, Gray Powell was out celebrating his 27th birthday at a German beer garden in Redwood City, California. Powell was jovial and without a care in the world. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so happy the next day – because he realized he lost his iPhone. The very same next-generation, incredibly secret iPhone that was in his drunk possession.

There are more juicy details available here and then a follow-up story here — but, with all of Powell’s misfortune in sight, I came across this wonderful letter from Lufthansa that I hope dearly is not only true but also materialized… because, if it is, it’s oh-so-clever marketing design!

But, I do want to take a minute to point out that I didn’t get nearly such a sweet offer when my precious iPhone was misplaced forever as I trampsed all over the city taking photos of my nephew’s Flat Stanley. I’m just sayin’… I like German beer too.

Anyhoo… I do hope that the day after Powell’s 28th birthday proves to be a better day.



globesWWW.WEBEXPEDITION18.COM is offering 17 FREE VINTAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS FOR BLOGGERS for personal and commercial use. Each icon is provided in two sizes, in PNG format, and with transparent backgrounds. (via @colaja)

Then, pop on over and download WEATHER VECTOR ICONS PACK. Don’t forget to scroll on down and check out the other vector icons too. There are some sweet finds in there. (via @VECTORHEAVEN)

And, finally, while it wasn’t posted ‘this week’ (or last, for that matter), I post 9 VECTOR GLOBES FREE DOWNLOAD again anyway in the spirit of Earth Day. (via @SIAHDESIGN)

Beauts, I tell you. And they’re all free. So, they’re beauty beauts.

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

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