May 16-22, 2010

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007 – This week, I decided to try the click-by-click approach…. starting with one item that inspired and see where it lead me.

It just so happens, that each click also lead to another inspiration and then another and then….


ALEX GIRÓN has been playing (very successfully, I may add) with CSS3 and all it’s wonders. He recreated THE SOLAR SYSTEM USING JUST CSS3 FEATURES and HTML. It really is fascinating to not only watch spin but to also read the how-to’s ā€“ because Girón’s broken down the specifics for us.

“This time, I set out to experiment with border-radius, and what I thought was going to be a boring little project turned out to be quite interesting.”

Then, I started digging deeper into Girón’s site and found many, many grand things to ponder over. He got me so revved up that I’m now in the midst of creating a similar-purposed bookmarking site to his VISUAL BITS, playing with SWEET FLAVOR and am learning from his tutorials too.

Thanks for the inspiration, Alex.

(via @alexgiron)

Giron’s kudos to Rob Morris and company led me to DIGITALMASH and I got sucked into Morris’ PHOTOS for way too long. The colors and facial expressions are so meaningful ā€“ both in a happy and sad way.

(via @digitalmash)

Then, through Morris’ suggestion and GET CREATIVE (I can’t believe he called me a hack!), I decided to ’embrace randomness’. I headed on over to FLICKR’S 7 DAYS OF INTERESTING PHOTOS.

“Think of a number between 1 and 10. Go to flickr’s 7 days of interesting photos and click the reload button that many times with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and focus on the first image that captures your sad little imagination. This is your new muse. Take this and use everything that makes it interesting in your own designs.”

Doing as I’m told, I closed my eyes and hit reload twice.

Caiti is a freelance designer and her Flickr Journal for her online class, “TELL YOUR STORY” shows wonderful mind mapping, wireframing and sketching skills. Each page portrays strong typography in combination of a solid base of design aspects.

The CAITIDID DESIGNS BLOG also showcases a creative life in the lines of design, crafts, cooking and art.

And, because she likes mission statements, she hereby declares that the purpose for her blog is to:

“Celebrate living a creative life, including the arts and crafting, photography, cooking and design * Embrace the present moment, rather than getting caught up in regretting the past or fearing the future * See the humor in as many situations as possible * Document my journeys and share my stories– as a possible indie business owner / in simplifying my lifestyle / as a wife / as a creative person * Connect with other like-minded creative, passionate people”

I like that mission and look forward to following her journey.

(via @CaitididDesigns)

Caiti is in love with Elsie and Rachel’s six-week online course: ‘Tell Your Story’ Art Journal Class ā€“ so it only seems fitting to follow through and take a gander at their journals too.

Rachel’s blog makes you want to SMILE AND WAVE and Elsie’s blog is just A BEAUTIFUL MESS.

And, well, I suppose RACHEL and ELSIE‘s Flickr Photostreams also do exactly the same thing.

On May 22, both these gals announced the upcoming six-week course: RED VELVET SUMMER CAMP

“This course is filled with projects to keep your summer inspired and fun-filled. We will share 30 Do-It-Yourself projects and have three live chats with students!”

(via @RachelDenbow and @elsiecake)

I got all of this from looking at the solar system. Me Likey.

And, with this all in mind, I came across the quote of the week by Carin Goldberg:

“FUN is a tricky word. People think that if you’re having ‘fun’, you’re ignoring content, or you’re ignoring the importance of the piece. But that’s not true.”

Because, I do believe that each of these inspirations were found or created through ‘fun’. And lots of it.

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

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