May 23-29, 2010

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008 – I’m having a bit of cabin fever… want to pack my bag and hit the road.

But, since that’s not possible this very second, the best I can muster up is a post that focus’ on design via travel and geography.

Pack your bag too… join me… (looking over my shoulder with a big swooping “come on!” arm gesture)…


Like a little color in your room? Well, then THE PANTONE HOTEL is most probably the spot of your dreams.

“From a design perspective, The PANTONE HOTEL, Brussels, is built on an exceptional use of contrast; a white canvas provides clean space for saturated colors to pop. Guest rooms feature unique photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy. Welcome to the center of the color universe.”

Located in the city of Brussels, Belgium, each of the hotel’s seven floors is designed with color palettes of different emotions in mind. Tranquil blues to fiery reds. Vibrant oranges to earthy browns. It’s all there and it’s all good.

Fav Color: Pantone 200C

But, if The Pantone Hotel is a bit too far (or, I suppose, too colorful) for you, perhaps one of the 171 HOTEL AND TRAVEL WEB DESIGNS will set you in the right direction.

(via @psdcollector)


CREATIVE ROOTS has some wonderful posts added just this week. You’re able to travel across the globe and experience design through several cultures.

Pack your bags and start with the COLOURS OF INDIA where you’ll find skilled quilling, which is an art form that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled and shaped together to create decorative designs. Each of these paper rolls master the beauty of Indian art.

Then, head on over to PARADISE SWITZERLAND where you’ll come across a gorgeous selection of Swiss posters.

Then catch a flight to the KOREAN PAVILION AT SHANGHAI WORLD EXPO 2010, which is a type-lovers dream.

And, in this crazy month of travel, don’t forget your layover through AFRICAN INSPIRED ILLUSTRATION. It’s filled with awe-taking illustrations of African fine art.

Mind you, that mini-world tour is just this week and I didn’t even point out all of the posts. In short, the Creative Roots blog offers world-wide cultural inspiration that can trigger many an inspiration for designers – regardless of your own everyday culture.

(via @creativeroots)


THE GOOGLE EARTH ALPHABET is so fun to look through and must have taken hours and hours to find just the right ones to add to the gallery.

I personally found it easier to go through their Flickr stream – where I became even more envious that I didn’t think of it. Ah well… always nice to be inspired through geography!

The entire set includes capitals, lower case and numbers and punctuation – and is using only locations in The Netherlands.

(via @scene360)


The basic concept seems like a lovely way to finish this week’s post. It’s perhaps the perfect combination of tradition and technology.

In today’s time of high-tech, I estimate that at least 90% of what I receive in my mailbox has been reserved for bills or junk mail – that is, of course, with exception of what invoices I’ve opted to receive via email and, of course, what’s received in my spam folder (and not opted for) – but I digress.

Well, designers Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik from the Industrial Design program at Syracuse University came up with a concept where the design on the envelope literally maps the course the letter has taken.

ENTER TRADITION: You’re actually receiving a physical, personal letter in the mailbox. A letter someone wrote just for you. Cared enough to lick and seal. Cared enough to pop on that stamp. Just for you. Awwwwwww!

ENTER TECHNOLOGY: That personalized letter is first built in G-Mail and enables you to send your message through snail mail instead. The coolest part of the technology portion is that, by using Google Maps, the route of the envelopes journey is mapped out – from door to door. Very cool indeed.

The concept is still in beta testing right now but, if they prove themselves right, both Mahtani and Moik could help keep receiving personal mail alive. Correction: bring it back from the dead.

I look forward to this happening and hope mailboxes, worldwide overflow sans the invoices.


Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“FUN is a tricky word. People think that if you’re having ‘fun’, you’re ignoring content, or you’re ignoring the importance of the piece. But that’s not true.”
~ Carin Goldberg

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