June 20-26, 2010

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012 – This week, well, I find my design choices to share just plain fun and silly. They make me smile.


Don’t be a spaz and let me give you the skinny. Here’s the lowdown: you can feel that funk of the groovy seventies over at the Behance Network where you can take a step back in time and check out these primo designs.

Do me a solid and check out ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS. It’s a coolie and retro look at modern technology – where I personally would be stoked to find this time machine and rake in the mulah too. Stone groove.

Peace, Love and Granola, baby. Can You Dig It?

(via @behance)

This week’s ‘Shooting Challenge’ over at Gizmodo brings 75 CAPTURED CANDIDS. People were asked to “capture moments without all the posing and pre-planning.”

The results are downright interesting, observant and personal.

(via @gizmodo)

I came across this great article that I whole-heartedly agree with:


These are a few of my favorite points that the designer and surgeon have in common:

  • You consider your job to be producing functioning works of art.
  • You like to trim the fat, performing liposuction on your CSS and HTML to get the most concise code.
  • You understand that the end product is going to be seen by masses of people.
  • You appreciate that your end product needs to be loved by the clients because they have to live with it day in, day out.
  • An unhappy customer is a reflection on a misunderstanding of requirements.

What wonderful insight. Where’s my needle?

To add to the insight, I feel, one of the few differences of the two professions is that while a web design and it’s structure never stop evolving, I do feel that too many lifts can turn a gal into cat-like appearance. And, not in a good way (no offense to all you cat-lovers out there).

After then a closer look, I found that I enjoyed a lot of the DESIGNEDBYNATALIE articles. Natalie provides an interesting look on different aspects of design.

APPLE CARVES OUT A SPECIAL APP STORE AREA FOR “AWESOME IOS 4 APPS” for all to grab. This list is a great go to list to start with. I have a handful of apps that I personally love love love – and aren’t featured on this list. But, considering how many apps are out there, I suppose that this should be thought of as a great starting point.

Having said that – this post mentions 36 apps that have been focused on. But, only a couple days later, this section in the App Store now boasts 42 awesome apps to be grabbed. Which means, that this is obviously a section to keep an eye on and it will be updated often.

We’re watching you Apple (two fingers to my eyes; two fingers pointing at you; two fingers to my eyes; two fingers pointing at you; two fingers to my eyes… )

(via @techcrunch)

Catch you on the flip-side
~ Jennifer


“I see graphic design as the organization of information that is semantically correct, syntactically consistent and pragmatically understandable.”

~ Massimo Vigelli

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June 13-19, 2010

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011 – This week, brings Fathers Day inspiration and all that good stuff. Okay… some other stuff too…


IT’S NICE THAT is a wonderful resource for people looking for their daily fix of inspiration and reference – allowing to get a glimpse into the minds of some amazing talents that cover the boards of digital media, photography, film, sculpture, illustration, edible art… you name it.

From it’s online home, IT’S NICE THAT has evolved into some broader ventures, including a biannual publication, as well as a curated series of talks and a weekly podcast series.

All of which creates a gorgeous array of pure art. Good fun.


Digging deeper into IT’S NICE THAT, I came across a few specific designers that made me slow down and look closer…….

London designer, MIKE LEMANSKI, who showcases an eclectic range of styles.

My personal favs are the geometric enriched posters that hold strong angles and colors. The London poster, in particular, holds information-based structure-esque qualities… which is probably why I really like it.


ANDREW LISTER who is currently in his third year of Graphic Design at Northumbria University, has some fresh and bold designs.

I love the vibrant yet subdued colors that are playing with the typography and photography. And, I’ll tell ya, it took a little while to pull my thoughts to words on Lister’s graphic style… and I hope I did it justice.

CARL KLEINER of Stockholm has wonderfully bizarre, odd, sick, funny and beautiful art. All in the same. How he makes such unusual pairings work is inspirational. Kudos, Carl.

And, no, I don’t know why Valerie is wearing a lampshade on her head but she makes it work and I’m getting jealous.


The FREE SHUTTERSTOCK PHOTO OF THE WEEK is a moody landscape stock photo.

Besides the surreal imagery, the colors alone make me wonder when the fairies will arrive.

DOWNLOAD DEADLINE: Monday, June 21, 2010



With Father’s Day tomorrow, what could be better than the traditional design of a tie? Or, considerably better, an untraditional design?

UncommonGoods offers THE DADDY’S TIE kit where the baby’s hand or footprint (or both) can be saved forever.

Yes, I’m sure Dad’s are sick of the ties and wrench sets but this unique personalized gift is pretty awesome and since it’s designed by the child (hands on, so to speak), it will be sure to tug a few heart strings.


Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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June 6-12, 2010

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010 – This week, design brings us maps, searches, and even dating.


It’s official. The new Apple-fans-only-dating site, CUPIDTINO, has launched it’s beta on June 7th and is ready for some lovin’. It’s the first ever (and only) “Mac-inspired” dating site for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products.

And, because of that alone, it’s so very wonderful, warm and fuzzy.

“Why? Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common – personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and a love for technology. We believe these are enough fundamental reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you.”

With the ease and beauty of the Apple design at its core, Cupidtino is both creative and innovative. So far, my only complaint is that it’s pretty slow on the move. But, it is beta, so those types of bugs should be amended soon enough. After all, where else can you show off your Apple gadgets and look for love in the same place? Besides the APPLE STORE, that is.

So, whatcha waitin’ for? Go meet an APPLE fanboy or girl.

(via @cupidtinoca)


With Toy Story 3 in theatres next week, WOODY AND BUZZ STAR IN A GOOGLE SEARCH STORY that debuted on June 8, 2010.

The Google Search Story videos have been around since September 2009 and they now have over 21,000 subscribers. My personal favs are PARISIAN LOVE (Awwwwww!) and OUT OF OFFICE (Ha!)

And, of course, you can create your own Google Story with the SEARCH STORIES VIDEO CREATOR. Write seven search terms, add music, preview (change if wanted) and upload. After all…

“Every search is a quest. Every quest is a story. These videos show that anyone can do anything when paired with the power of search”


Eric Fischer’s photostream LOCALS AND TOURISTS is not only filled with useful info but also incredibly beautiful – in a very ‘Jackson Pollack’ sort of way.

“Blue points are by locals; Red points are by tourists. Yellow points might be by either but are probably tourists but might just not post many pictures at all.”

The overall concept can be incredibly useful – get ideas of where all the hot spots are if you’re visiting a new city or, of course, keep the hell away from those areas if you’re a local. But, then again, if you’re a local in a hot city like San Francisco, you probably already know that folks are lined up to snap photos on Lombard Street and Alcatrez.

Regardless, with these things in mind, Fischer created a wonderful, creative and unique piece of useful art.

500px has a simple premise… to help photographers get greater exposure.

“The mission: 500px is a daily photodigest, devoted to bringing together the brightest photographers in the world. Upload photographs, vote, get reviewed, socialize with others and get promoted!”

There are a few sections to be inspired by and FRESH, in particular, offers hundreds of new photos added weekly. Hundreds of beautiful compositions that hold all the rules of photography – and, even better, ones that break the rules and look even more incredible.

(via @500px)

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“No one ever discovered anything new by coloring inside the lines”
~ Thomas Vasquez

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May 30-June 5, 2010

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009 – This week, I start with a contest that is not only bringing more awareness to a mess but also showcases creativity. Good combo.


LOGOMYWAY is presenting the BP (LOGO REDESIGN CONTEST) LOGO DESIGN CONTEST – a request to design and present the biggest environmental disaster the U.S. has ever faced.

THE OBJECTIVE: Logo Redesign Contest
THE SLOGAN: Open for suggestions
DEADLINE: June 11, 2010

#1 Oil spill disaster – Toxic
#2 Death of wildlife
#3 Incompetence

Winning design will be used on: Web, Print Media, Billboard & Sign, Television, Mugs & T-shirts

The design community and the general public will vote on the winner of this logo contest.
 Be creative and make sure your logo has a strong brand for BP.

(via @logomyway)


There is something about the image of a child crying that (should) make us all go “awwwwwwww” – in a good way, that is.

And, Best Free Web Resource’s PHOTOGRAPHY: CHILD AND BABY CRYING post of photos is not different.

There’s the feeling of wanting to sooth, calm and, perhaps, in a strange way, you also want to smile. Not cruley (okay – I hope not cruley) but the fact is, there’s this innocence right in front of you. Pure and uncompromising.

Okay, maybe a bit of compromising. I bet that if you gave him that ice cream, he’ll stop crying.

(via @bestfreewebres)

WDL offers 30 BREATHTAKING EXAMPLES OF BOKEH. Bokeh photography is taken with a tight depth of field – resulting in parts of the photo being out of focus and other portions being shown in amazing detail that you want to just reach out and touch the reality.

“The term Bokeh comes from a Japanese word that means “blur”. In photography, it’s used to describe the blur or the quality of the blur in the out-of-focus regions of an image.”

Which leads me straight to HEAVENLYSHELL’S PHOTOSTREAM. It’s a lovely combination of sharp combination and creativity. Worth the time to take a gander in it’s own regard.

(via @webdesignledger)


GIZMODO offers a weekly Shooting Challenge and, this past week, brought 168 GIZMODO READER SELF-PORTRAITS

“For this week’s Shooting Challenge, 168 of you were brave enough to not only share your photography, but to share a little piece of yourself with it. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes haunting and sometimes beautiful.”

I personally just joined GIZMODO’S FACEBOOK GROUP and, by doing so, you’re in the know of what the challenge is. While I’ve yet to actually participate, I am looking forward to getting into the challege also. Good creative fun with a twist of originality and knowledge all rolled into one.

MY FAV – not only for creativity but also for the fact that Jonathan took muliple shots, time and patience to make it all work…
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jonathan Vazquez
CAMERA: Sony a700
LENS(ES): Minolta 50mm 1.7 / Sigma 24mm 2.8
ISO: 400
APERTURE: 1.7 / 2.8
LIGHTING: Alien Bees ab800 (camera right high through octabox)

“For this shot, I first used my 50mm at 1.7 for the portrait of my face (the photo on the iPad), the bottom half of my torso (photo on the Macbook) and used the iphone’s camera to take a picture of the couch behind it. I then put the photos on the devices an spent about an eternity lining up all the devices with my body, shooting almost 100 takes with the 24mm lens at 2.8.”

(via @gizmodo)

A giant portrait is filled with hundreds of self-portraits that were created show a PORTRAIT MOSAIC TO HELP CHARITY and bring awareness to Action Aid’s Make Your Mark campaign.

“It is hoped that the new artwork will raise awareness of the 72 million children around the world who do not attend school because of poverty.”

The charity appealed to many across the South West – helping them to reach out, create their own self-portraits and contribute to the cause. The result is this magnificent mosaic of five-year-old Enid from Uganda. Enid’s dream is to become a teacher – so, with awareness of such creativity, she may be able to go to school and achieve her dream.

A close-up of one of those self-portraits in the above mosaic is Darth Vader, himself. Okay, it’s actually DAVID PROWSE, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

“Every now and again a good cause comes along that could do with a little help from the dark side.”

That makes me smile.

Because sometimes you just need to know what your skull looks like, THE SKULL GENERATOR renders it for you.

Basically, I laid my head on the block for St. Pauli and this was the result.

Go ahead and SKULL YOURSELF.

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

Here’s to the crazy ones.
 The misfits. The rebels. 
The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes – the 
ones who see things differently. 
They’re not fond of rules and
 they have no respect for 
the status quo. You can praise 
them, disagree with them,
 quote them, disbelieve them,
 glorify or vilify them.
 About the only thing that you 
can’t do is ignore them.
 Because they change things.

~ Steve Jobs

~ Apple Computer Ad, 1997

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