July 4-10, 2010

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014 – This week, I studied history, a few places to create my own online art, and I learned that Darth has a whole different dark side that I wasn’t privy to.

Oh, Darth.


CHRIS MCVEIGH feels a FEELS A DISTURBANCE IN THE HORSE. Yep – Darth is up to his ol’ tricks again.

In case you’ve missed it, you need to check out McVeigh’s photography. It encompasses unique creativity – showcasing action figures in ‘everyday poses’. You know – Chewbacca at a kissing booth; a Storm Trooper daydreaming by a lazy river; Darth Vader having a sleigh ride. You know, everyday stuff.

I love it… it’s a silly yet truly thought out prospective that will be fun to watch grow. The photography is dead-on too – with perfect angles and lighting.

And, on top of all of that, McVeigh’s marketing design is clever too… teasing one and all with sneak peaks via his FACEBOOK PROFILE.

Because of this, it wouldn’t be bad idea to keep your eye on FB and MCVEIGH’S FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM – because his creativity is simply wacked and off-the-wall.

And, I mean that in the very highest regard possible.

(via @actionfigured)


I took a lit’l history lesson via Smashing Magazine. They wrote a dandy of a piece about THE EVOLUTION OF THE LOGO – covering semiotics, symbolism, the evolution of identity design and then some.

There is way more in the article and I wouldn’t want to rewrite all of their footwork… so just check it out… because, in short…
“logo design is not dead”

(via @smashingmag)

Moleskin (and the like) sketchbooks are becoming more popular everyday. Slow down and spend a few in the many SKETCHBOOKS FLICKR GROUPS alone to see what I mean.

With this in mind, I searched and found a handful of fancy-schmancy online sketchbooks that will not only keep you busy but also ignite your creativity.

So, get out your clicking finger and interactive paint brush and spark away…

DRAW MY THING is an interactive game between random players online.

If you guess mine – I’ll guess yours.

Art.com offers the ARTPAD – where you can view a Digital Art Masterpiece or create your very own.

Apparently, this curious fella was created for Angela.

JACKSONPOLLOCK.ORG is a fun paint splattering mess. Okay, not so messy since it’s online – but still.

Not sure if it’s a browser problem but, despite the tips they offer to change colors, I could only seem to get new drip colors (only) via a mouse click.

Regardless, I love the Jackson Pollock style that I don’t have to clean up after.

And, of course, if you’re into these and you have an iPhone, be sure to check out the SKETCHBOOK PRO: “the industry standard for digital sketching”. (via the iTunes Store)

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“The painting has a life of its own.”
~ Jackson Pollack

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