August 22-28, 2010

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021 – This week, I’m focusing solely on sites that are encouraging photographers (from novice to pro) with even more reason to break the rules.

The Lomo Kompakt Automat is a Russian camera with wonderful different effects than other cameras offer. Two students were traveling in Vienna where they discovered the wonders of Lomo.

And, with that, they started LOMOGRAPHY where you can SHOWCASE YOUR VERY OWN LOMOGRAPHS in the gallery of the “biggest ever-growing and ongoing snapshot portrait of the planet consisting of the wackiest, most exciting and most impossible little sights and moments of our time.”

Learn them. Live Them. Love Them:
1. Take your camera everywhere you go
2. Use it any time – day and night
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
4. Try the shot from the hip
5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
6. Don’t think
7. Be fast
8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
9. Afterwards either
10. Don’t worry about any rules

(via @lomography)

Fashion photographer Gavin Bond is offering himself as a reward. Wait – I need to rephrase that.

“Fashion photographer Gavin Bond invites photographers to submit a photo that best evokes the theme of his upcoming shoot – PASSION – for the chance to assist him on the set.”


This invite event is cohosted by JPG MAGAZINE and you can click over to TALENT HOUSE for all the details on how to submit your 1 best photo that embodies Gavin’s theme of “PASSION.”

Deadline: September 9, 2010
(via @talenthouse)

National Geographic and Energizer team up to sponsor the 2010 ENERGIZER ULTIMATE PHOTO CONTEST

Submissions have ended, so head on over to the natgeosociety where you can cast your vote for one of the 12 finalist in each of the six different categories: Animals/Wildlife; Nature; People/Cultures; Travel; Weather; Action/Energy (one vote per category)

The FIRE BREATHER here is my fav (by Maggie Winters). The coloring and technique fit the topic perfectly – and makes me oh so curious. What possessed her to toss on her torn fishnets and head to the alley to practice? I want to know more.

Voting Deadline: September 15, 2010
(via @natgeosociety)
(via @energizer)

You may have noticed from previous posts that I’m in love with GIZMODO’S WEEKLY SHOOTING CHALLENGE. I haven’t personally entered the weekly challenge but I love how they regularly ‘up the ante’ and push pros and newbies alike. The challenge pushes one to become a better photographer, learn new techniques and think outside the box.

369 ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE PET WALLPAPERS showcases last week’s Challenge winners. I adore Dazie and am also wondering why little Betty finds that spot so comfy.

This week’s challenge is that of Velocity… “THE CHALLENGE – Take a photo of something in motion, capturing it completely sharp with the background in a blur. But we’re not looking for soft bokeh effects. We specifically want you to imply velocity through the background.”

Okay, okay… after this glowing Gizmodo summary, I suppose it’s high time I try and enter one of their challenges.

Photo by: Joseph Mikos
(via @gizmodo)

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;
Brown paper packages tied up with strings;
These are a few of my favorite things

And, what are a few of your favorite things? Well, whatever that answer may be, now’s the time to show them off because THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL‘s fun and creative WEEKEND PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE is (drum roll, please)… YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT!

Now, come on, how easy peasy is that?!

Find the how-to online – but, basically, you go back to that one subject that you just can’t stop taking photos of — and take one more. Upload, share, and enjoy.

I’ll be back next week – I need to go charge my battery and cook me some schnitzel with noodles.

Photo by: Éole
(via @digitalps)

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“Photography has the capacity to provide images of man and his environment that are both works of art and moments in history.”
~ Cornell Capa

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August 15-21, 2010

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020 – This week, I’ve compiled a handful of my favorite reads and eye-candy (in no partucular order)… to be used as knowledge, inspiration or just somethin’ purdy to look at.

(via @mashable)

(via @boogiesbc)

(via @Designzzz)

(via @gizmodo)

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(via @thisblogrules)

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

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August 8-14, 2010

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019 – This week I’m focusing on “new” vintage finds. Be it, a car, photography, styles, comics, or true history – the feelings that these finds bring are true nostalgia with all the warm tones and attitudes in tow.

Every time I pop into my gorgeous little Beetle, I can’t help but smile. I love my sweet ride so much. It rolls like a dream – and, I have a traffic school certificate to prove it.

Plus, VW leveraged research showing, on average, New Beetle owners were happier and friendlier than other car owners. (It’s true. I’m both happy and pretty darn friendly.)

As I sat in the waiting room at my VW dealer, waiting to pickup after the 20K checkup, I admired some of the old ad campaign framed on the wall.

These (combined for the love of my ‘Ringo’) made me take a step back in time and gander at all of VW’s ads. Again. When originally created, these designs were wonderfully modern – breaking barriers and making people talk. College kids could recite the copy. Faces met at the water cooler with conversation of “hey, did you see…?” All, not without reason. You see, VW boasts freedom of the road, humble honesty, throwing worthwhile (yet minimal) stats at you, AND making you feel like you belong in the seat. It’s pop culture on wheels. And, it doesn’t matter what year it is for all of that to remain true.

Plus, in 2009, the VW Van turned 60 and doesn’t look a day over 22.

Each time you see one, regardless of it’s condition, you can’t help but think of, well, “…free love, the smell of incense burning, the smell of bras burning, the smell of goat cheese and patchouli, Cuba si, nuclear no thanks, nan trugarez, nein danke, gurus, the to Katmandu, to Goa, the road again, Afghan jackets, Indian shirts, Swedish pretty hitchhikers, bell-bottoms…”

Why rebuild the wheel… check out THINKINGOUTTABOX for a great selection of VW ads.

Laurent Nivalle from Paris showcases some eye-catching VINTAGE CAMPING pics. Each photo leaving imprints of nostalgia with — campfires, the smell of wet swimsuits, car games, listening to 8-tracks on the road (personally, the soundtrack of ‘Grease’ comes to mind) and bad food that we didn’t seem to mind (memories of powdered milk).

You can also check out NIVALLE’S PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO and BLOG… each of which also highlight some fab thought-provoking impressions.

(via @laurentnivalle)

JUSTIN + NICOLE’S VINTAGE INSPIRED ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS highlight their modern day romance through this wonderful, intimately choreographed photo-story. Kudos for both style and originality.

Of the couple, Nicole has her own blog highlighting the ADVENTURES IN LOVE AND HAPPINESS a place to “stash what I love, what inspires me, and our adventures in making a home, planning a wedding and trying to keep our patience with our Basset Hound puppy.”

(via @grnweddingshoes)
(via @colekbl)

BOING BOING pulled together some beautiful VINTAGE PHOTOS OF EUROPE DATED BACK TO 1906. I love the off-set colors, the grainy stop of time of places that (some of which) no longer exist.

Sadly, there is some skepticism in the comments since Photoshop makes it so easy to make an image look vintage and such. Now, I’m hardly saying trust all you see on the web ‘as is’. Well, that would be just silly. But, I love these photos (and the idea behind the original post) just too much to believe they are manipulated.

Think about it… a fashionable man and his lady are holidaying in Europe. He in his tailored tweed suit. She in her narrow skirt and huge broad-brimmed hat (after all, she is the impiety of fashion). They stood, overlooking the bridge of Finstermünz, the wind was a blowin’ and her hat almost flies away but her gentleman catches it in the brink of time. She pulls out her new Brownie (“You push the button, we do the rest.”) and, right now, you’re looking at that very snap in time.

Now, instead of the adobe-doubt, the image of ‘Mr and Mrs 1906’ is a nicer mental photo, don’t you reckon?

(via @boingboing)
(via @chip_chick)

And, what better way to conclude this week’s vintage post than with another blog that ensues hilarity! COMICALLY VINTAGE added modern thoughts to some wonderfully vintage comics.

And, well, let’s be honest… H-How can he flirt with other girls if he’s in love with her? Valid question, indeed.

(via @vintagecomics)

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”

~ Andy Warhol

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Aug 1-7, 2010

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018 – This week, I found inspiration to create with a pen and the beauty of a badge or two.

And, at the end of the day, it’s design with intention.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I happened across a very cool, sketchy, doodly (it’s a word!), inspirational project. So, first, big kudos to the team who thought this up because it’s imaginative, creative and strengthens a true artist community.

It’s THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT, where each artist is sent the same blank Moleskine sketchbook (you can choose a themed cover) that will be exhibited on a gallery/museum tour across the country — and then will enter into the permanent collection of THE BROOKLYN ART LIBRARY for public viewing.

They have only two rules… “first, the book must be used in some way and, second, the sketchbook must stay within its original dimensions.”

In 2011, the project hits the road and GOES ON TOUR, so be sure to map out one of the seven lucky cities (dates and cities subject to change).

Check out the site for ALL THE RULES and to see how you can participate.

Kudos, indeed.

(via @arthouse)

I have been a Foursquare member since January 2010 and am the proud owner of six badges. One of which is apparently in the TOP 16 UNUSUAL FOURSQUARE BADGES. That’s right. Jealous much?

Each of the 16 (if not all) are sought after and adored by many a user since Foursquare’s launch in 2009.

The badge designs are creative and inspirational in the fact that they are not only chic in aesthetic and simplicity but also designed with strong intentions – creating the need and want to obtain them.

Most of these 16 are not collectible any more and were actually available through obscure activities (which obviously makes them rare and coveted). So the question remains, how does a gal get her hands on one of the rare AND available badges — say the GOSSIP GIRL?

“Without further ado, please enjoy this collection of interesting badges, ranging from rare and retired, to quirky and puzzling.”

(via @foursquare)


These miniscule pencil tip carvings by DALTON GHETTI are painstakingly crafts of art. Each creation takes up to two and half years carving the most delicate feature of a pencil: it’s lead tip.

The art is beautiful in it’s time, patience, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

Have a great week…
~ Jennifer

“To say that something is designed means it has intentions that go beyond its function. Otherwise it’s just planning.”

~ Ayse Birsel

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